The Template Constructor allows you to create your own customizable script. You can type in the body and main areas/topic of a script then set certain sections with a variable that is replaced by whatever you type in the form fields, similar to the scripts we already have pre-made.

To start, click on the Template Constructor tab and create a script category. This acts as a folder that separates your custom scripts from different topics.

Once done click on the Script Templates tab and add a new template

In the pop-up, enter your script name, a short description of what the script is about and which category you want is stored under.

In the next screen click Add Variable.

Variables are the sections of the script which are customizable depending on your answers. 

They are divided into the following areas:

  1. Label - what the variable represents

  2. template.variable - the keyword to be used when adding the variable to a script

  3. Example formula - a sample sentence/paragraph of how the script will look and where the variable appears. Enclose the template.variable between [% and %] for the code to work.

  4. Example value - the word or phrase that you’d like to replace the variable with.

After filling in the mentioned fields above, click Add variable and you’ll see it take effect in the variable preview section.

Once done simply add any number of additional variables and type your desired output script using a combination of the codes for your variables.

Click Save when done.

To use the newly created custom script, click Create Script as if creating a new project. In step 2, select template source as Personal template instead of common template. Choose the category your custom script was stored under then select the custom script title.

You can now answer the form and enter your preferred values just like the pre-made templates.